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Welcome To The Page I Dedicate To The Love Of My Life!!! I Created This Speical Place On The Web To Share Our Love With A Select Few. We Hope This Site Will Enable Family & Friends, Near & Far, To Stay Connected In One Way Or Another. We Look Forward To Sharing Our Precious Memories With You For Years To Come!!!

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Our Story


It Was July 15th 2009 When I Came Across My Baby’s Profile On Facebook And On July 16th We Confirmed That We Knew Each Other From Back In The Day. The Way We Knew Each Other Was That We Both Went To The Same High School Back From 1980-1984. It Was 25 Years Since We Spoke Or Have Seen Each Other. So We Started Talking & Catching Up On The 25 Years In Between From The Last Time We Saw Each Other.  We Set Up To Meet Up On July 24th 2009  To Catch Up On Old Times. The Day Finally Arrived For Us To Meet, And I Was Both Very Excited(Like A Kid At Xmas) & Nervous At The Same Time, But I Knew Even Before She Got Into The Car That She Was The One!!! It Is So Weird How Things Happen, But I Just Felt It In My Heart When I Saw Her Again After 25 Years That She Was The One. We Had A Beautiful Evening Together That Night And Little Did We Know That, That Was Just The Beginning Of A Beautiful Relationship Developing Between Us. We Planned To Meet Up Again  For July 31st 2009. Yet Again We Had A Great Time Together And Sealed The Evening With The Most Incredible Kiss I Have Ever Experienced In My Life. It Was The Type Of Kiss That Penetrates The Soul And It Sure Did Penetrate My Soul, Assuring Me Even More, That She Was The One!!! Our First Kiss Was Beautiful, Sweet & Soft And The Kisses Have Only Gotten Better As Time Goes By!!! What’s Crazy Is That We Both Had Crushes Towards Each Other Back In High School, But We Never Acted On It. But Our Relationship Developed So Naturally, Like We Were Together In A Past Life And We Just Continued From Where We Left Off In Our Previous Lives. It Is Incredible!!! I Guess We Give New Meaning To The Term High School Sweethearts. I Just Knew This Time Around That I Was Not Going To Let Her Get Away From Me Again!!! I Have Finally Found My Soul Mate And I Vow To Love And Cherish Her For The Rest Of My Life. I Want To Thank You Baby For Giving Me The Opportunity To Love You & For Letting Me Into Your Life!!! Furthermore I Want To Thank God For Putting You Back In My Life, Because Without Him, Nothing Is Possible And I Also Want To Thank Facebook, Because I Don’t Know If I Would’ve Ever Found You If It Wasn’t For Facebook!!!